Mediation is a wonderful tool for solving disputes quickly and inexpensively. When you have a disagreement with someone you may feel like you have only 2 opinions. Talk to the person or business, if that fails then you must spend a lot of time and money suing. There is a 3rd. optionĀ  “MEDIATION”. The truth of it is, when you sue the judge will more than likely order Mediation anyway so why not start with Mediation. Mediation is a process were we bring both parties together and with the help of a trained Mediator we can resolve most cases the same day.

What a Mediator is

A Mediator is a neutral 3rd. party who can listen to both sides objectively and is bond by confidentiality of both parties. In this way we can help both parties come to an agreement that works for both parties and perhaps the biggest advantage of Mediation is, you have control over the outcome as opposed to a judge making the finale decision.

We specialize in Mediation services between Individual parties, Neighbors, HOA’s, Condo Ass., Land Lord , Tenants , Mortgage Lenders, Business’s and anything related to real estate or real estate concerns. Feel free to give us a call it’s free and we will let you know how we can help you.

  1. Rule# 1- Don’t sweat the small stuff
  2. Rule# 2- It’s all small stuff

So let us help you with your stuff, big or small, we are here to help.

Life’s too short to spend it in conflict. Our greatest joy is helping two people come together on commend ground and leave our office as friends with peace and serenity.

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